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Excessive or Uneven Gums Treatment

The firm, pink flesh of your gums is part of what brings out the beauty of a healthy smile. Taking care of them, along with your teeth, aids in ensuring you have a lasting smile. However, not everything in life is perfect or remains so. There are times when the gum line reaches down further than it should, or creates for an uneven appearance leaving you with a less than pleasing smile.

Excessive Gums

Gums that are excessive, such as a “gummy smile,” affect the appearance of your smile, but they can do more than that. In some cases, they can even interfere with the function of your teeth or leave you prone to decay-causing bacteria if the gums have pulled away from the teeth and pockets have formed where food or debris can hide in difficult to clean spaces. Debris left for too long could irritate the gums and eventually lead to gum disease. Excessive amounts of gum can ride over your teeth and make for a less than desirable appearance.

Uneven Gums

Uneven gums can be a problem that can affect the esthetics of your smile. An uneven gum line can occur due to genetics, medication or gum recession, or something else entirely. Gum recession can give the appearance of long teeth and if the roots are exposed, they can be subjected to decay-causing bacteria, which can wreak havoc on both the teeth and the gums. Decay can then lead to other dental problems, including tooth loss.

The appearance of the smile is important as well, however. An uneven gum line, or one that is excessive, can make the teeth appear smaller and less attractive. Everyone loves a bright smile and that can sometimes be more challenging to achieve if your gums ride too far over your teeth or leave an uneven appearance where they sit higher over some teeth and lower over others.

Gum Contouring

If there were any prime procedures that could easily adjust your gum line with minimal discomfort and recovery, would you consider it?

Gum contouring holds the answer to this question and more. It is a simple, surgical procedure that leaves minimal discomfort and recovery time. It is able to be performed using either a laser or Waterlase technology, recovery time is shortened further as the wound is cauterized by the laser while the procedure is performed.

So, what exactly is gum contouring? It is the surgical reshaping of your gums so that they are nice and even, aesthetically pleasing, and leave you with a beautifully framed smile. There are three methods a gum contour can be performed: through the use of a scalpel, a laser or Waterlase technology. Your dentist can further discuss with you the option that will best suit your individual needs.


Conventionally, gum contouring can be performed with the use of a scalpel, however, it can make the process longer. With the advanced technologies that are available today, it is more common to see the use of laser technology in lieu of the traditional scalpel.


Laser usage has an advantage. While the tissue is being removed, blood vessels are simultaneously cauterized, which then limits bleeding and also encourages healing. Using lasers for the gum contouring procedure can promote a faster recovery period overall.

Waterlase Technology

Advanced dental technology also offers up another tool that a number of dentists have begun using. It is called a Waterlase technology and essentially, it is the use of a laser, air and a water spray. Through the use of this tool, the procedure can be performed with minimal discomfort so much so, that often little to no anesthetic needs to be used as a result of the gentle power behind the Waterlase.

Esthetically, gums should complement your smile, not hinder it. While straight, healthy teeth are a large part of the aesthetically pleasing look, having an uneven or excessive gum line can dampen your smile. A bright, healthy smile is a beautiful thing, don’t let excessive or uneven gums drag you down.